News: Danish fighter restart could hurt the F-35


As Canada is having second thoughts about the programme, Denmark restarting the competition is not good news for F-35. Denmark is looking to replace F-16, an aircraft designed to be cheap, small and able to beat any competitor in the dogfight. F-35 is nothing of that.

While Denmark is only procuring 30 fighters, this is more important as an issue of trust. Canada’s and Denmark’s decision to review the programme could lead to other customers reconsidering their decision to buy flawed F-35 strike aircraft. Important to note is that Eurofighter Typhoon has reentered competition, apparently judging that political concerns – which are F-35s only real advantage over its competition, aside from mostly-useless radar stealth – may not hold against question of F-35s actual capabilities, as well as Denmark’s lack of need for aircraft that is designed solely for offensive purposes.

This is even more important as Western economies are still in bad shape, and defense budgets are usually ones of first areas to be cut. Therefore cost as an argument is growing in importance, and that is one area where Gripen has advantage over all other competitors, excepting possibly Super Hornet. Unlike F-35, future of Gripen NG has been assured, and in many areas it provides more bang for less buck when compared to F-35. It is also most similar in design, cost, size and role to F-16, aircraft that is being replaced. However, unlike Eurofighter, SAAB has not yet decided wether to recompete for the Danish deal.

Wait and see.

3 thoughts on “News: Danish fighter restart could hurt the F-35

  1. Canada hopped out of the F-35 program, Now we just need Britain, Australia, Israel, and South Korea to jump out. Then the US will realize its a HUGE waste and be forced to buy something else like the F-15SE and a newer variant of the F-16 and A-10.


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