EDIT 27.3.2015.:


IR wavelength range: midwave IR

Tracking area: +-90* horizontal, +60*/-15* vertical

Detection range v/s Su-30: 90 km from rear aspect, 35 km from the frontal aspect

Laser rangefinding: up tp 30 km

EDIT 28.3.2015.:

Click to access su-35_buklet_rus.pdf

Detection range vs aerial target: 50/90 km

Range finding vs ground target: 30 km

Range finding vs aerial target: 20 km

Number of targets that can be tracked: 4


3 thoughts on “OLS-35 IRST

  1. Apparently the justification for the F-35 is to fight aircraft armed with this system. Unless the Su-27 variant pilot is incompetent, that will not end very well for the F-35 pilot.


      1. I suppose if they manage to sell these to the expected enemies, the disadvantages would be negated – both sides using a subpar aircraft.


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