Rafale passive targeting capability

LOL-3 rafalepassivedetectioncapabiltySPECTRA_ON_LOCKING_TARGETBHMfvcoCMAAna65 spectra_passive_targeting_capabilty

5 thoughts on “Rafale passive targeting capability

  1. Considering the Russians will be equipping their Su aircraft with the OLS-50, and already have the OLS-35 in service, radar stealth is not really going to work very well.


      1. The advantage will probably be cancelled out solely because the F-22 is also a big double engined fighter, as is the F-15, and the frankly, if it comes down to F-35 vs Su-27 variants, that probably will not end well for the F-35. The F-16 can also carry an external pod, so I guess that might be useful but the US is trying to scrap its F-16s quickly to pay off its F-35s and new variants probably will be weighed down through their electronics.


      2. Actually, some F-16s got equipped with an internal IRST, so I don’t think it is a big deal (IRST takes up far less space than even a small radar). But if USAF scraps them… that being said, if USAF indeed scraps them, they will still not be able to buy a required number of the F-35s, so they might end up being forced to either a) reactivate the F-16s (which can be equipped with internal IRST) or b) buy Gripen E/F (which already had internal IRST).


  2. Good info. I like the Rafale, especially the avionics and the ergonomic cockpit. We do a lot of air combat in our community using DCS simulator, so if any one would like to feel how it’s like to become a virtual fighter pilot, then pay us a visit, we will be glad to teach you. Here’s the link: http://sa-sim.com/

    It’s an advanced simulator, so don’t think it’s going to be very game-like. It will be a steep learning curve, though very satisfying once you start accomplishing your first missions!

    Oh, the simulator is free!


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