Is blitzkrieg enough?

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Did the Germans win WW II?

Maneuver warfare, a modern updating of the infiltration tactics that led to the stunning German successes in 1939 through late 1941, is a better way to fight opposing military forces: Create a gap in the enemy defenses, penetrate into his rear areas, cause panic and chaos, and exploit before he can figure out what’s going on. Numbers become irrelevant and can even be a vulnerability once panic sets in.

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4 thoughts on “Is blitzkrieg enough?

  1. Blitzkrieg apparently was not enough.

    It would seem that the key to power is not military force, but peacetime economic strength. That would be an explanation for the rapid rise of the US throughout the late 19th and first half of the 20th century, and Germany post-WWII.

    Apparently one does not need Blitzkrieg – one needs the ECB.


    1. Correct. And even in a conventional war, while Blitzkrieg does allow you to quickly, and relaitively painlessly, defeat enemies, you have to know what to do after the victory, otherwise you’ll have a rebellion at your hands.


      1. The thing is, Germany more or less won the “post-war” war of being the dominant economy in Europe. It is not just about winning the war. It is about coming out stronger after the war is over too.


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