India will order 36 Rafales; talks on the other 126 aircraft will continue

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(Updated on 12th April 2015)

(Note: for my previous postings on and analysis of the Rafale in English and in French, please see here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

Yesterday afternoon, French and American media reported that France and India were discussing a sale of 63 Rafale jets, to be constructed in France and delivered to India in flyaway condition, so that the IAF could quickly replace at least some of its obsolete MiG-21 aircraft with these new French jets:

“PARIS — French and Indian officials are negotiating an off-the-shelf order worth €7.2 billion (US $7.6 billion) for 63 Rafale fighter jets to equip three Indian Air Force squadrons, during a visit by the Indian prime minister, daily Le Monde reported Friday. “The discussions lasted all night, they are continuing this morning,” a source close to the talks said, Le Monde…

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2 thoughts on “India will order 36 Rafales; talks on the other 126 aircraft will continue

  1. Among the current crop of fighters, it’s probably the best one so far.

    All 3 currencies, oddly have fallen (Euro, Rupee, and for Russia, Ruble) so that should negate each other.

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out – whether or not they will keep the deal for the other planes past the 36.

    I would like to see Canada buy the Rafale as well, but our current government is very corrupt I fear and into the F-35. I would not be surprised if money exchanged hands under the table. Anyways:

    This was 2 years ago

    There have been a few articles in the news about it every now and then:

    The JSF buy here in Canada has become a politically contentious issue though.


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