What is the F-35 Good For? Answer: Nothing. It’s Totally Useless.

Note: F-35 might be capable of SEAD/DEAD operations, but even there its low sortie rate / high maintenance downtime and limited payload / endurance will limit its effectiveness.

Défense et Géopolitique

The RealClearDefense website has published an interesting article on the Israeli Air Force – arguably the best in the world. It worries that the IAF, its pilots’ skills notwithstanding, may lose its technological edge, because the F-35 cannot defeat modern Russian fighters, especially those equipped with infrared search and tracking systems:

“If the F-35 cannot hold its own against fourth-generation fighters, which are increasingly equipped with infrared sensors that can detect stealth aircraft, it will be limited to ground-attack missions and require escorts to carry-out operations in contested airspace. The former head of the USAF’s Air Combat Command admitted last year that the F-35 was not built as an air-superiority fighter and needs the USAF’s existing stealth fighter, the F-22, to protect against enemy aircraft.

This shortfall represents a major problem for Israel, which cannot acquire the F-22. Congress banned its export and production ended in 2011. Israel will…

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10 thoughts on “What is the F-35 Good For? Answer: Nothing. It’s Totally Useless.

  1. It is a Bomber that can carry a few missiles and a gun.

    But so long as the military industrial complex has control, it doesn’t matter. The problem is that the political system is subservient to the interests of the corporations and other special interests. It dropped any pretext of being good for society a long time ago.


    1. Yeah, F-35 is MIC corporate security programme, nothing more. But many still believe it is the “second best” fighter in the world… fu**ing Edward Bernays.


    2. People’s lack of critical thinking skills is a far bigger problem than that.

      Yes propaganda is a huge problem, but it merely exploits the intellectual laziness already present.


      1. That is true, but then again, educational system – one thing largerly at fault for the lack of critical thinking – itself is a part of the propaganda system.


  2. UK, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore. And now probably Denmark.

    Corrupt bastards, every last one of them! If only they’d start listening to internet bloggers, instead of their respective air forces.

    Thank god for Canada… except for those bastards in the Royal Canadian Air Force, which still wants to buy the F-35.


    1. And how many are trying to get out of the programme now, or having second thoughts? Let’s see: Israel, Australia, Canada…

      They are just realizing they’ve been duped, only question is wether they’ll find courage to admit it and act on it. Seeing how the F-35 has full weight of US behind it, and that Western militaries fight primarily budget wars – which necessitates the most expensive platform possible, as opposed to actually effective one…


      1. Do the air forces i.e. IAF, RAAF and RCAF want to ditch the programme? Have they now finally realized what internet bloggers have known all along – that the aircraft is ‘totally useless’?

        I’d ask you support your response with sources, but we both know such a thing would be against official ‘Defence Issues’ policy, eh? 😉


      2. Just like you have always done it, huh? There’s no use giving sources to person who doesn’t want to see. You really think that exports have anything to do with aircraft quality?

        As far as your questions go, had you been interested, you would have found this: https://defenseissues.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/on-f-35-export-success/

        And don’t even tell me there are no sources:

        They may well have realized it is useless. But intentionally or not, you are failing to consider political side of big budget programmes such as the F-35.


      3. Every time I add a hyperlink, your blog sends my posts into moderation. Of course if you’re willing to share administrative privileges, I’ll be happy to put all sources that I normally just bookmark. What’s your excuse? 🙂

        All your links are about politicians moaning about it. Fringe politicians in Australia’s case – where both Labour and Conservatives are strongly supportive with only the Greens opposed. Please show me one operator – y’know the ones actually flying it (as opposed to talking about it – in the media & blogs) – that has expressed any interest in backing out.

        They may well have realized it is useless. But intentionally or not, you are failing to consider political side of big budget programmes such as the F-35.

        Like I said.. corrupt bastards! All twelve of them. Fourteen, if the Danish & Finnish air forces also abandon their duty and sell their souls to support a ‘useless’ aircraft… as is looking likely that they will.


      4. Governments are corrupt as a rule, TTIP is proof enough. Militaries as well. Corporations, even more so. So don’t try to ridicule things you know nothing about.

        “Operators actually flying it” are way too deep into the programme to even consider backing out… sold their souls, as you put it. Country that wants to back out of the F-111 v2 has to do so before receiving first aircraft. But up until then, all they have is LMs and USAFs marketing talk and pressures.


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