British Bulwarks: The King George V Class Battleships

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HMS King George V

This is the third in a series of five articles on the battleships built under the provision of the Washington and London Naval Treaty limitations in the 1930s. I am not including the ships which were completed in the immediate aftermath of the Washington Treaty limitations. This series looks at the modern battleships that the World War II combatants would produce in the 1930s which saw service in the war. This article covers the British Royal Navy King George V Class battleships. Part one covered the Italian Vittorio Veneto class entitled The Pride of the Regina Marina: The Vittorio Veneto Class Battleships. Part two French Firepower Forward: The unrealized potential of the Dunkerque and Richelieu Class Battleshipscovered the French Dunkerque class and Richelieu class Battleships. Part Four the American North Carolina and South Dakota Classes. I have already published the final part which covers the German…

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2 thoughts on “British Bulwarks: The King George V Class Battleships

  1. Does a reblog like this mean that you’ll be writing about battleships on this blog in the foreseeable future?


    1. I intended to write about battleships for some time, but that would be rather research-extensive project so I did not have time to do so. Especially since I am already writing several other rather research-heavy articles. So to answer your question, yes, I will be writing about the battleships, but I do not know when.


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