Croatian Navy ships in Split, 18.9.2016.

I know it is little late, but here be some photos:

dsc_1377 dsc_1378 dsc_1379 dsc_1380 dsc_1381 dsc_1384 dsc_1385 dsc_1389 dsc_1391 dsc_1394 dsc_1396 dsc_1398 dsc_1399 dsc_1400 dsc_1402 dsc_1403 dsc_1406 dsc_1413 dsc_1414 dsc_1423 dsc_1424 dsc_1426 dsc_1430 dsc_1432 dsc_1434

2 thoughts on “Croatian Navy ships in Split, 18.9.2016.

    1. The largest ship, one in the middle, is RTOP-21 “Šibenik”, a missile gunboat. There is also patrol boat OB-02 “Šolta” (astern of RTOP-21) and minesweeper LM-51 “Korčula” (ahead of RTOP-21). All three belong to the Croatian Navy.


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