Need help identifying the movie

Some 10-15 years ago I watched a historical war movie. It was set, from what I recall, in North America and featured a conflict between Red and Blue Coats. Redcoats were British soldiers, but Bluecoats could have been either American or French troops (I assume they were former). Other than that I recall only a few details from the movie, such as the fact that the Red Coats were based in a stone(?) fortress near the shore of the lake, and that near the fort there was a forest in which an infantry fight happened (a redcoat patrol got ambushed??). There was also a naval engagement on the lake. Eventually, blue coats penetrate into the fortress, which develops into a fight in the inner yard of the fortress. A memorable scene there was an old man making an improvised cannon with cannon barrel and some other materials while the fight went on around him. Film was in colour. Other than that I do not recall any details, and I hope that I did not mix anything in from other film(s).

9 thoughts on “Need help identifying the movie

    1. It should also be noted that the fort in “The Last of the Mohicans” was made of logs. The only scenes I remember of blue coated French infantry fighting red coated british was out in the open by the fort.


  1. I have a few questions to help narrow down the suspects:

    1) Where there Native-American characters?

    2) You say you saw the film 10-15 years ago, but was it made 10-15 years ago or before that?

    3) Ties both questions above and helps narrow down the time period when the movies where made: If there were Native-American characters, where they played by whites or Native-Americans? And I don’t mean characters that were whites raised by Indians or that had gone native, I mean full blown peace pipe smoking, tomahawk wielding Native-Americans. If Native-American characters were played by whites its safe to assume that the movie was made before 1980.

    4) Were there any famous or well known actors(actresses)? If yes do you remember their names or other movies in which they played?


    1. 1) I do not remember any Native American characters. Only British Redcoats, French/American Bluecoats and few British civillians (a doctor(?) and maybe few more) who were part of the military structure.
      2) I don’t know. Probably before that, considering that it typically takes some time for movies to be shown in Croatia.
      4) If I could remember that, I probably could remember the movie name as well. 🙂


  2. Fort Ticonderoga movie made in 1953 in colour ( in 3D!) known as ‘Fort Ti’ ( an east coast Western). You may be able to stream it (73 min)


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