(Ret.)Adm. Davor Domazet Lošo – by attacking Syria, US have sent a message to a power other than Russia

By attacking the air base in Syria with cruise missiles, US have basically started a war. Putin’s response to Trump, having warned that the move harmed US-Russian relations, is definetly a cause for concern.

What can be expected now? Is the next move on the US president? Is this a hasty move of mr. Trump or something like this could have been expected? Answers to these questions were given by (Ret.)Admiral Davor Domazet Lošo.

“US attack is no surprise. It would be a surprise if it hadn’t happened. Escalation of a conflict in Syria will not happed as quickly as it seems right now. Russia is too strong there, and every small step that would lead to an incident could cause a more serious type of war. I have to accentuate that US never enters a war without first leaving the other players to bleed out for a year or two. Remember when Americans entered First or Second World War? How long did it take them to enter our Homeland war?”.

According to him, the moment of the US attack is very telling. In that we should see a message to China.
“It is interesting that the attack happened while the Chinese president Xio was visiting Trump. If there is a war, it will happen between United States and China. Trump wants to impress the Chinese president by demonstrating power. The balance of power is changing, and Trump is showing strength and seeking weaknesses in the opponent.”, explains the admiral.

How, then, should we interpret Putin’s reaction to Trump’s attack?
“We shouldn’t. Do not forget that United States have warned Russia that missiles will be launched. This attack is not a surprise to Putin”.

Should new US attacks be expected?
“There should be no new strikes. He destroyed the base he wanted to, demonstrated power, and now it is job done for him. To Trump, this was a routine operation. Most important thing is to understand his motive behind the attack. He has big problems inside his house and within his party. This is pure cowboy way of acting. Point should be sought in Trump’s character, because he always wants to be number one”.

What is now the position of Syrian president Al-Assad, did he really attack his own people with chemical weapons?
“Unlikely. There is nothing to be gained in that. Unless he has gone completely bonkers.”

Admiral believes that most likely scenario will be one where Syria becomes a range for standoff between Putin and Trump.
“Like in classical westerns – cowboy and the Indian, each with their own weapon, will demonstrate their power. Here, it is about political power. We have information that Russia has new model of a robot, far more advanced than the one tested in Syria. Americans on the other hand are waving around missiles of extreme range.” – says Admiral Davor Domazet Lošo

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