USA wants to arm Croatia

Croatia has to receive new fighter aircraft by 2023., as by then MiG-21s now in service will not be usable any longer. As process will last for at least two years, possibly longer, it is high time for it to start, yet it did not.

Heritage Foundation indicated that USA wants to arm Croatia with new fighter aircraft. This may have to do with the fact that Russia is arming Serbia, whose expansionist and imperialist tendencies are going as strong as ever. USA and NATO already participate in a series of military exercises in Croatia, and Croatia may also receive Bradley IFVs.

Tendencies in BiH also show that a new conflict may be brewing. Bosniaks are attempting to force unitaristic and centralistic policies and are engaging in political violence over Croatians, denying them political and social rights. Serbs are reconstituting and expanding armaments industry.

Currently, due to incapability of Croatian Air Force, Hungarian Air Force is responsible for night protection of Zagreb airspace.

9 thoughts on “USA wants to arm Croatia

  1. “Currently, due to incapability of Croatian Air Force, Hungarian Air Force is responsible for night protection of Zagreb airspace.”

    Not for long if they keep flying their Gripens into runways the way they do.In 2015 in the course of one month. they crashed two (out of 14 total) on landing (one single seater and one double seater).


    1. Although the Gripen has a good safety record outside of Hungarian service, it shows the importance of a well maintained force and well trained pilots.


  2. Hey Picard, strong rumors that Croatia has chosen french Rafale as their new bird. Official confirmation supposedly comming on october 28th. Are you planning an article on it?


      1. From what I can read in both countries media it seems to be pretty sure by now, although you are right to be cautious until official anoucement.
        If confirmed, Croatia would suddenly be the strongest air force of the region (by far). This really is an interesting development!


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