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76-mm Sherman

Weapons and Warfare

Sherman-76mm-02-px800Standard M4A2(76mm) Sherman

m4a3-76mm-w-shermanM4A3(76mm) Sherman


The US Army made a conscious decision in 1943: to ignore calls for rapid development of the heavy, 90mm-gun T26 (Pershing) to take on the Panthers and Tigers, and instead to mass produce the M4 – a medium tank that would do the job well enough rather than brilliantly, and at a practical cost in time, talent, treasure, and shipping weight.

Its 75mm gun and 50mm (2in) frontal armor were not good enough to take on a late Panzer head-to-head; but Sherman crews used their numbers, speed and agility to swarm round the Panthers and Tigers. The Panzer might survive long enough to kill one, maybe even two M4s; but in the meantime the rest of the platoon, working round onto its flanks, would be putting rounds into its more vulnerable sides and engine compartment from close up.

The Sherman also lent itself to adaptation…

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How Cumulative Projectiles Work

How Cumulative Projectiles Work

Cumulative or HEAT warheads are the staple of infantry (man-portable) anti-tank weapons, and are also used by artillery and various unarmoured and armoured vehicles for the purposes of anti-tank combat. Their main advantage over other types of anti-tank projectiles is that their effectiveness does not depend on the projectile's velocity. As a result, it was … Continue reading How Cumulative Projectiles Work

Sumerian Phalanx

Sumerian Phalanx

In southern Iraq, between Euphrates and Tigris, lived Indoeuropean peoples of white skin – Sumerians. Between 4th and 3rd centuries BC, they reached a level of civilization which still confuses today's scientists, advancing from tribal organization to a highly developed state in very short time. They developed a highly advanced irrigation system, turning a swamp … Continue reading Sumerian Phalanx

Commentary on the Rafale vs F-22 dogfight analysis

Commentary on the Rafale vs F-22 dogfight analysis Video here is an analysis of the F-22 vs Rafale dogfight which happened in 2006. I will be providing additional commentary, which may help answer or clear up some questions. I am not however a pilot, but rather a military history enthusiast with additional interest in modern military. The two humps visible on lower … Continue reading Commentary on the Rafale vs F-22 dogfight analysis

Initial Thoughts on Submarines in World of Warships

Initial Thoughts on Submarines in World of Warships

Submarines have arrived in World of Warships, specifically into COOP and Random battles. So what about them? First thing noticeable is how different they are from actual World War II submarines. Balao class submarine has surface speed of 27,9 knots, and submerged speed of 27,9 knots (compared to historical 20,25 knots surfaced and 8,75 knots … Continue reading Initial Thoughts on Submarines in World of Warships