Croatia Signs Rafale Purchase

Croatia Signs Rafale Purchase

Two F3R Rafales flew over Zagreb after Croatian government had signed the purchase of new fighter jets for Croatian Air Force. This happened after Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and French President Emmanuel Macron had signed new Strategic Partnership Agreement and oversaw signing of the sale agreement for a Rafale squadron, which was signed by Ministers for Defense, Mario Banožić and Florence Parly.

Croatia is buying twelve used Dassault Rafale F3R fighter jets, of which 10 single-seaters and 2 two-seaters. Price will be 1,2 billion Euros, to be paid in five installments from 2022. to 2026. This is some 15 per cent more than what was originally reported. In May 2021., when decision had been made, stated cost was 999 million Euros. The price of Rafale purchase did not in fact increase, as the differential of 200 million Euros is Value Added Tax which is paid into the budget of Republic of Croatia.

Along with 12 aircraft, Croatia will also receive a modern flight simulator, ground and test equipment, spare parts and support contract with Dassault Aviation. Also included are basic air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons packages, as well as training of flight and ground crews. Training of ground personnel will start in late 2022., while that of pilots will begin in early 2023. Contract includes training of personnel, military cooperation and joint exercises of French Air Force (AdlA) and Croatian Air Force (HRZ). Transfer of ownership will be carried out in France, upon which Croatian pilots will fly Rafales to Croatia. Eight Rafales will arrive to Croatia in late 2024., while remaining four will arrive in early 2025.

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