Gap Sunday

Gap Sunday

Due to other events and obligations interfering, there will be no post this Sunday. Next post of the Pacific War series is thus rescheduled for 2.1.2022., and will cover the Malayan campaign. Post for Thursday next week (30.12.) is written and will be published on schedule.

There are in total two posts for Thursday ready – one about warfare and animal intelligence for 30.12. and second about armor of the Crusades which is scheduled to be published on 6.1. . Whether there will be any further posts on Thursday will be determined by the available time. Now, and also in the future, Sunday articles will take priority and will delve more deeply into particular topics. They will also often take form of the series, such as the current Pacific War series. Articles on Thursday will continue to be shorter single-topic posts that provide a relatively quick overview of a particular topic.

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