History and War featured in Feedspot Top 100 Military Blogs

I have been honored by having this blog feature as one of 100 military blogs on the Feedspot. Full list is below; History and War is on 49th place:


Feedspot is an online RSS feed reader. As such, it is a good source of news and information for bloggers and journalists. For bloggers, the “100 Best” lists are an excellent resource to be utilized on a regular basis. Finding multiple sources and perspectives is crucial for writing a good blog post, and having a resource that provides a comprehensive list of high quality sources for a particular area or theme is thus of enormous help. For some blogs, list also provides basic information such as number of posts and followers. Feedspot also provides tools which enable user to easily follow any updates from any of the blogs on the list, most obviously the “Follow on Feedspot” form which requires user to merely enter the e-mail adress to which they want to receive updates on their favorite blogs.

Posts from the blogs in question can be read on Feedspot itself. Platform also provides the ability to share the post on Scheduler, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer and through e-mail.

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