Partisan Crimes in Tovarnik

Partisan Crimes in Tovarnik

On this day 69 years ago, the partisans had murdered, according to incomplete list, 51 Croats and Germans from Tovarnik. They were killed by knife, beating and by throwing them from the church.

Murder was carried out with the help of Serbs from Tovarnik, who had written down a list of people that should be killed.

Marin Lovrić recalled how partisans had taken his father and grandfather to Banovci and cut them up alive. Bodies were returned to home, with eyes, ears, noses and feet cut up. Stjepan Ivković was also killed on 8th December 1944. Stjepan had his tongue cut before being shot in the back of the head and thrown from the tower of the Church of St. George. Entrance to the church was bloody for a long time, and after the Srijem front had been penetrated, partisans forced the German prisoners to wash off the blood.

Some of the 27 people who were condemned by the Partisan “court” were also killed on that day on Abel’s field. They were executed by some Jovo Stanimirović, who beheaded them with an axe and buried them. Some other people were also killed in Mijakovi orasi.

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