Index Post 2022

Index Post 2022


How Warfare Shaped History

War Is a Consequence of Intelligence

Why Military History is Important

Ancient Middle East

Sumerian Phalanx

Ancient Rome

Battle of Mursa Major in 351 AD

Danube Limes


1241 Mongol Invasion of Hungary

Why 1241 Mongol Invasion of Hungary Failed

Mongol Siege of the Klis Fortress

How Mongol Invasion Shaped Hungary’s Defense Strategy

What Kind of Armor Did the Crusaders Wear

How Large Were Medieval War Horses

Why Did Byzantine Empire Survive for So Long

Basic Principles of Byzantine Strategy

Byzantine Guerilla Warfare

Religion and War in the Byzantine Empire

How Much Weight A Horse Can Carry

Chivalry in Croatia

Sizes of Armies During the Hungarian-Ottoman Wars


Klis Fortress in Croatia

World War 1

Christmas Truce of 1914

Wreck of SMS Kaiser Franz Joseph

World War 2

Attack on Poland – German and Soviet Rearmament

Attack on Poland – Polish Army

Attack on Poland – Moves Towards the Invasion

Attack on Poland – Countdown to War

Attack on Poland – 1-17 September

Attack on Poland – Soviet Invasion and the Fall of Poland

Battle of Kursk – Myths and Reality

Response: Armchair Historian – How Yugoslavia Liberated Itself

Croatian Anti-Fascist Struggle Day is Based on a Lie

Lies of Yugoslav Historiography

Chetnik Rebellion in Srb 27 July 1941

Partisan Crimes in Tovarnik

Operations and War Crimes of the 8th Dalmatian Corps

Pacific War 1 – Preliminary Moves

Pacific War 1,5 – Opposing Sides

Pacific War 2 – Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pacific War 3 – Preparations for the Invasion of Malaya

Pacific War 4 – Sinking of the Prince of Wales and Repulse

Pacific War 5 – Conquest of Malaya and Singapore

Pacific War 6 – Battle of Hong Kong

Pacific War 7 – Invasion of Philippines

Pacific War 8 – Fall of Guam and Wake

Pacific War 9 – Japanese Conquest of Indonesia

Pacific War 10 – Marshalls – Gilberts Raid

Pacific War 11 – Indian Ocean Raid

Pacific War 12 – Doolittle’s Tokyo Raid

Pacific War 13 – Australia and the Battle of the Coral Sea

Pacific War 14 – The Battle of Midway

Pacific War 15 – Fright Night at Savo Island

Sd.Kfz.252 Munitions Carrier

B-17G Wreck Near Vis

Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor

Wars in Yugoslavia

30 Years of Fall of Vukovar

Operation Flash 1995 Part 1

Operation Flash 1995 Part 2

Operation Storm 1995

Croatian Air Force in the Operation Storm 95

MiG-21 Tactics in the Operation Storm

Why Serbia Did Not Help Serbian Krajina

HOS – Croatian Defense Forces

Croatian Homeland War Was Not a Civil War

Mass Murder at Ovčara

Post Cold War

Commentary on the Rafale vs F-22 Dogfight Analysis

Sukhoi Su-37 Terminator

Vulnerability of Modern Air Forces – Case of Ukraine

Causes of War in Ukraine

Ukrainian Azov Battalion

Why Was Ukraine So Successful

Usage of Reservists and Irregulars in Ukraine

Strategic Importance of Mariupol

How Dispersed Operations Saved Ukrainian Air Force

Modern Military Technology

How Cumulative Projectiles Work

Cybernetic Warfare

HS Produkt VHS-2 Assault Rifle

Aerodynamic Highlights of the Fourth Generation Delta Canard Fighter

What Is A Tank

New Rheinmetall Panther Tank

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