History and War is primarily a blog about military history. It will cover a wide range of military history topics, but the main focus will be on military history of the West, that is, the civilizations of North Atlantic and northern Mediterranean. This is a consequence of my own knowledge and interests, which started with military history of Roman Empire and of Croatia, and then branched out from there onto military history of Western Europe and Mediterranean more generally, as well as the United States.

Blog may also cover certain aspects of military as shown in the media, including speculative fiction such as alternate history, science fiction and fantasy.

Blog is updated weekly. If, for some reason, a post is not published on schedule, it will be published the next week on normal scheduled time (Sunday morning, Central European time). Shorter articles covering topics not related to the primary series may be posted on Thursday (CET).

About the Author

I am a military history enthusiast and a researcher, as well as something of an amateur historian. Having spent better part of two decades with my head in various books and magazines themed around military history, I decided to finally start writing about it, which led to this blog.

You can contact me at domobran42@gmail.com .