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Basic Lessons of War in Ukraine So Far

Basic Lessons of War in Ukraine So Far

War in Ukraine has been looked at, analyzed and combed. Not surprisingly, as it represents one of the very few conflicts between two modern forces. Wars in Yugoslavia happened thirty years ago, and were fought under conditions of an arms embargo. Invasions of Iraq were also a relatively long time ago, and fought against an … Continue reading Basic Lessons of War in Ukraine So Far

French Firepower Forward: The unrealized potential of the Dunkerque and Richelieu Class Battleships

The Inglorius Padre Steve's World

Richelieu in the 1950s © Photo Marius BAR – Toulon (France) site internet :  

This is the second in a series of five articles on the battleships built under the provision of the Washington and London Naval Treaty limitations in the 1930s. I am not including the ships which were completed in the immediate aftermath of the Washington Treaty limitations. This series looks at the modern battleships that the World War II combatants would produce in the 1930s which saw service in the war. Part one covered the Italian Vittorio Veneto class entitled The Pride of the Regina Marina: The Vittorio Veneto Class Battleships. This article covers the French Dunkerque class and Richelieu class Battleships. Part Three will deal with the British King George V Class and Part Four the American North Carolina and South Dakota Classes. I have already published the final part which covers the German…

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AIP vs nuclear submarines

STRATEGIC COMPARISION   COST   Cost of typical AIP sub is 100 million USD to 250 million USD, compared to 1,6 - 3 billion USD for typical nuclear submarine; though estimates for possible US diesel subs were as high as 500 million to 1 billion USD.   Here is list of submarine costs:   AIP … Continue reading AIP vs nuclear submarines

Lord of the Rings and real life influences

Lord of the Rings and real life influences

Introduction While Tolkien did say that he disliked allegory, his dislike was of a specific type of allegory. Tolkien described Lord of the Rings as being "applicable", and Silmarillion itself is based on mythological structure, which requires it to be allegorical. Yet this allegory is subtle, direct and historical, very different from rather obvious reference … Continue reading Lord of the Rings and real life influences

Chetnik Units in Service of Independent State of Croatia

Chetnik Units in Service of Independent State of Croatia

As was usual with Second World War in Yugoslavia, there was everything at all sides. Even the alliances were a mess. Italians protected Tito's Partisans from the Ustashi, Italians protected Chetniks from the Ustashi, Chetniks cooperated with the Partisans, Ustashi cooperated with Italian Fascists, Partisans assisted Italians, Chetniks assisted Italians and the Germans, Western Allies … Continue reading Chetnik Units in Service of Independent State of Croatia

Tanks, much appreciated!

Corporal Frisk

Yesterday Norway’s prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre stood outside in the middle of a serious snowfall at the military base in Rena and declared that Norway will get 54 new tanks with an option for 18 more, and that these will be Leopard 2A7NO ordered from KMW.

This put an at least temporarily to rest the debate about the role of tanks and the future of the mechanised Brigade Nord which was a strange story of late last year, and which I discussed in the post which caused by far the most significant reaction in mainstream media any of my posts have seen.

This is the picture KMW chose when they wanted to present the features of the Leopard 2A7NO. Some of the features visible are the additional belly armour, the top-notch 120 mm L55A1 gun, APU, and the main sights and vision systems (PERI RTWL and EMES 15 for…

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Free the Leopards

Corporal Frisk

The following proposal is madness. I’ve been told so in no uncertain terms by people knowledgeable of the matter who’s opinions I highly respect. It runs against both the common discourse as well as what the authorities and officials with detailed classified knowledge about the issues at hand has said in their communiques. It also comes with a hefty price tag, and I have no proposal what should be cut in order to make it fit in under an already unhealthy Finnish budget. But with all that said, isn’t it for these kinds of out-of-the-box craziness that non-aligned defence analysts are valued?

Leopard 2A4 on the prowl during exercise KONTIO22 late last year. Despite their age, the 2A4 still plays a key role in the Finnish Defence Forces. Source: Maavoimat FB

As I think most serious defence analysts are in agreement on, the War in Ukraine has shown the value…

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Holdouts and Additional Surrenders

Pacific Paratrooper

Australian Gen. Sir Thomas Blarney accepts surrender on Morotai Island, Dutch East Indies

The logical demands of the surrender were formidable. So many different ceremonies took place across Asia and the entire Pacific. Here we will some that preceded peacefully and others that refused the peace. In actuality, the state of war between the U.S. and Japan did not officially end until the Treaty of San Francisco took effect 28 April, 1952.

USS Segundo SS-398 located this Japanese sub 1-401 and negotiated with the crew being that their captain had committed suicide

One mass surrender did occur at Noemfoor in September 1944 when 265 Japanese enlisted men, angry at their superiors for stealing their food for their own use. And, in August 1945, another starving Japanese military unit surrendered to a lieutenant in New Guinea. On 1 December 1945, Captain Oba and 46 members of his unit were the last…

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Montague Paratrooper Pro—A Rough and Ready Folding Mountain Bike

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Montague Paratrooper Pro—A Rough and Ready Folding Mountain Bike

Like a shadow in the night, the Paratrooper Pro is almost 100% black.

Whether you are attacking the terrain of the Swiss Alps or the urban street scene of San Diego, this bike is on your side.   It combines the features of a mountain bike and a folding bike into one tough package.   With a full stealth look and some nice components, you can take to the air just like a paratrooper.

As this extended test came together, I made big plans to make sure this post included some shots of me flying through the air on this folding bike.   That hasn’t happened yet, but I am still working on it.   I have jumped a bunch of curbs and steps, but no big air yet.   NYCeWheels sent me this bike to wring out and report on, and as you might know…

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