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Military Coup in Yugoslavia 27 March 1941

Not soon after the Kingdom of Yugoslavia joined the Axis, government was overthrown. Led by the Communist Party, on 27th March 1941. the people went to the streets, shouting paroles “Bolje grob nego rob! Bolje rat nego pakt!” (“Better grave than the slave! Better combat than the compact!”). But as usual in the Marxist historiography,…

Firebombing of Tokyo 10th March 1945

Bombing of Tokyo in 1945. is given far less attention than some objectively less deadly attacks (London Blitz, attack on Pearl Harbor, or bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki). Yet it is important to understand why it happened, how it was so deadly, and why the memory of the attack is so negligible. While conventional bombardment…

Pacific War 17 – Japan’s Last Victory

Bleeding around Guadalcanal continued. Neither side could gather enough strength to push back the other. Attack was followed by counterattack, which was followed up by a counter-counterattack. While individual battles could be one-sided indeed, there was no real result, only mounting losses. Both sides created imaginative new surprises for the enemy, and the fate toyed…

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