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Balancing a fighter design

Introduction Producing a balanced fighter design is a key element of an effective air force. Yet it is also very hard, as tactical capability has to be balanced against strategical capability. "The best is the enemy of good enough" holds true for fighter design as it does for everything else. Fighter design is a balance … Continue reading Balancing a fighter design

A-10 Thunderbolt survivability design

When the A-10 was about to be introduced, USAF leadership used the exact same arguments to prevent that as they are using now in an effort to kill it. They saw merely a clunker that flew at 300 knots or less, an anachronistic dud unfit to operate on the modern battlefield where it was to … Continue reading A-10 Thunderbolt survivability design

Aircraft carrier proposal 3

Aircraft used   Aircraft used will be an air superiority fighter (FLX), CAS fighter (AX) and observation aircraft (OLX), plus transport aircraft (C-2). This will allow it to be useful for carrier's primary tasks: defending fleet from an attack by enemy ground-based aircraft, as well as supporting amphibious landings and providing close air support for … Continue reading Aircraft carrier proposal 3

Close Air Support fighter proposal

Historical lessons While Gullio Douhet's theory that bombardment of the enemy heartland can win the war has dominated USAF (USAAF during WWII) procurement ever since its formation has been thoroughly discredited (more about that in another article), Western air forces still procure far too many strategic bombers and deep strike fighters, while procuring insufficient number … Continue reading Close Air Support fighter proposal

F-35 and its troubles

While people term F-35 a "multirole" aircraft, and Lockheed Martin stated that it is second-best air superiority fighter in the world, F-35 is primarly a dedicated ground attack aircraft. This can be seen relatively easily, as there are different requirements for fighters and for ground attack aircraft. Primary requirement for ground attack aircraft is ability … Continue reading F-35 and its troubles

Aircraft carrier proposal

Aircraft carrier has to be able to do following things: a) carry as many aircraft as possible b) launch them as quickly as possible c) recover them as quickly as possible d) have as many aircraft on deck as possible   While ski ramp is simpler, more reliable, and is safer than catapult-assisted takeoff, it … Continue reading Aircraft carrier proposal

Saab Gripen analysis

Saab Gripen analysis

Program history SAAB Gripen is a result of relaxed-stability fighter rush initiated by (at the time) revolutionary F-16 fighter aircraft. It is not surprising that SAAB opted for delta-canard layout they themselves pioneered in 1960s, but other options were also evaluated (and rejected). This was influenced by testing programme of Viggen in late seventies, which … Continue reading Saab Gripen analysis