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Another consequence of very high flight to maintenance ratios in aircraft – vulnerability to disasters

This article discusses how flight to maintenance ratios can leave air forces exposed to the unexpected, including natural disasters. A high flight to maintenance ratio is one of the big issues in fighter aircraft that are complex. It is often an issue that does not go acknowledged during the procurement stage of military spending, but … Continue reading Another consequence of very high flight to maintenance ratios in aircraft – vulnerability to disasters

PAK FA vs F-22

Introduction This article will compare upcoming Russian PAK FA with US F-22, since both air single-purpose heavyweight air-to-air fighters. However, since PAK FA is still in a prototype stage, article will by its nature be incomplete. I should also note that while some use the term "Raptorski" for PAK FA, it is entirely inaccurate. In … Continue reading PAK FA vs F-22

Comparing stealth fighters

Introduction A Christmas / New Year present for all of you. *** This article will compare "stealth" fighters, regardless of wether they are in service. Aircraft compared are as follows: F-22, F-35, T-50 / PAK FA, J-20 and J-31. Following article will form a basis for comparision: https://defenseissues.wordpress.com/2014/08/30/comparing-modern-fighter-aircraft/ Radar will be ignored for two reasons: … Continue reading Comparing stealth fighters

Comparing modern fighter aircraft

Nature of air to air combat “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ---G. Santayana Fighter aircraft exist to destroy other aircraft, and allow other aircraft to carry out their missions without interference from enemy fighter aircraft. That being said, there exists a colloqial - and incorrect - use of term … Continue reading Comparing modern fighter aircraft

On Rafale vs F-22 BFM

Analysis of dogfight on History and War in response to a Youtube video First, I will note this comment: http://www.arabianaerospace.aero/article.php?article=raptor-rules-the-desert-roost&section=defence "During an official press conference the commanding officer of the French Rafale detachment at Al Dhafra, Colonel Fabrice Glandclaudron, claimed that in six within-visual-range ‘dogfight’ engagements with the F-22A, only one resulted in the virtual … Continue reading On Rafale vs F-22 BFM

Usefulness of thrust vectoring

With introduction of thrust-vectoring F-22 and Su-35, many claims have appeared, such as that thrust vectoring aircraft are most maneuverable in the world and that addition of thrust vectoring alone guarantees that fighter in question will be unrivalled in maneuverability, excepting of course other thrust vectoring aircraft. These claims hold that addition of thrust vectoring … Continue reading Usefulness of thrust vectoring

DoD: US Air Force wrong to blame the pilot

http://news.yahoo.com/dod-air-force-wrong-blame-f-22-pilot-144413856--abc-news-topstories.html   While USAF has, in effort to protect its sacred cow - the F-22 programme - blamed the pilot Jeff Haney for a crash that has happened some moths earlier, Department of Defense has stated that Air Force's conclusion is not supported by facts. What is interesting is the fact that even USAF has … Continue reading DoD: US Air Force wrong to blame the pilot

Aircraft combat presence comparision

Aircraft combat presence = total sorties per day = aircraft bought for a cost * sortie rate Aircraft bought for 1 billion USD (using flyaway costs): F-22: 4 F-35A: 5 EF-2000 T2 Luftwaffe: 9 EF-2000 T2 RAF: 8 EF-2000 T3 RAF: 8 Rafale C: 12 Rafale M: 11 F-15 A: 23 F-15 K: 10 F-16 … Continue reading Aircraft combat presence comparision

On AviationIntel F-22 vs Typhoon article

http://aviationintel.com/2012/07/28/in-response-to-reports-of-simulated-f-22-raptor-kills-by-german-eurofighters/   While author is indeed correct that training sorties do not necessarily mean that one type of aircraft is superior, multiple sorties can, when analyzed properly and assuming that setup is known, provide some information about respective fighter's capabilities. Huge control surfaces and thrust vectoring are useful for high-altitude and low-speed maneuvers, not in … Continue reading On AviationIntel F-22 vs Typhoon article

Cleaning up Red Flag Alaska F-22 vs Typhoon debate (2)

http://zbigniewmazurak.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/about-that-july-raptor-vs-typhoon-exercise/ Author claims quite a few false things in the article linked above. I'll counter them one by one. Exercises were 1 on 1 WVR BFM sorties. There was no need for AWACS or AIM-120D, and F-22 had to use radar to try and achieve a lock on Typhoon. Thrust vectoring is effective at speeds … Continue reading Cleaning up Red Flag Alaska F-22 vs Typhoon debate (2)