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Single vs twin engined fighters

Single engined fighters have typically been favored due to their low procurement and operational costs, ease of maintenance and assumed better air-to-air performance. Yet there is also a belief that single-engined fighters are inherently less survivable and lower-performance than twin-engined fighters. Fighter aircraft of World War I and II were invariably single-engined. Few twin-engined fighters … Continue reading Single vs twin engined fighters

Air superiority fighter proposal 6 overview

Due to the excessive length of the original article, I have decided to post the overview. For those interested in entire design process and thinking behind the FLX, full article can be found here. Crew: 1 Payload: Length: 13,1 m Wingspan: 8,5 m Height: 3,44 m Wing area: 32,4 m2 Canard area: 1,01 m2 Empty … Continue reading Air superiority fighter proposal 6 overview

Air superiority fighter proposal 4

Design Airframe Canopy will be opened and closed completely manually, which will save 10 kg on actuators. Aerodynamics will be optimized for maneuverability; check the previous version of the article for details since there won't be many changes. Engine Engine will be a single-engine modification of F414-EPE, providing 16.800 lb (74,7 kN, 7.620 kgf) dry … Continue reading Air superiority fighter proposal 4

Air superiority fighter proposal 3

Historical lessons "History is a vast early warning system." Norman Cousins When designing a fighter aircraft - or any weapon - there is a basic question: should one go for simplest solution, or accept a level of complexity in hopes of achieving better performance? How much simple or complex weapon can become before excess simplicity, … Continue reading Air superiority fighter proposal 3

Air superiority fighter proposal (revised)

Introduction This is a revision of previous article, meant to adress several problems that I have either noticed myself or were brought to my attention after posting it. First problem is that while a good design, original FLX still had problems. It simply did not have enough space in the air frame to achieve required … Continue reading Air superiority fighter proposal (revised)

Close Air Support fighter proposal

Historical lessons While Gullio Douhet's theory that bombardment of the enemy heartland can win the war has dominated USAF (USAAF during WWII) procurement ever since its formation has been thoroughly discredited (more about that in another article), Western air forces still procure far too many strategic bombers and deep strike fighters, while procuring insufficient number … Continue reading Close Air Support fighter proposal