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Why Gripen Is Ideal Fighter for Ukraine

Why Gripen Is Ideal Fighter for Ukraine

Note: it is recommended to read the "Lessons of Air War in Ukraine" prior to reading this article. Ukraine, no matter how well it may be doing against Russia, is losing aircraft. And it will need replacement, be it during the war or afterwards. Currently, Ukraine is still using old Soviet Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters … Continue reading Why Gripen Is Ideal Fighter for Ukraine

Aerodynamic highlights of a fourth generation delta canard fighter aircraft

Aerodynamic highlights of a fourth generation delta canard fighter aircraft

https://web.archive.org/web/20120714042825/http://www.mach-flyg.com/utg80/80jas_uc.html U. Claréus, project manager, JAS 39 Aerodynamics, Saab Aerospace During the course of fighter aircraft development since about 1915, and stimulated by martial inventiveness in time of war, a vast range of highly specialized warplanes have seen the light of day. Only a portion of these airplanes have been fielded and done operational services … Continue reading Aerodynamic highlights of a fourth generation delta canard fighter aircraft

Dassault Rafale vs Saab Gripen

Introduction Dassault Rafale and Saab Gripen are both multirole fighter aircraft of canard-delta configuration produced in Europe. Rafale was designed to replace seven different aircraft previously in French service, while Gripen was designed for guerilla warfare against a superior enemy. This comparison will use Gripen C. Air-to-air performance Impact on pilot's skill Most important factors … Continue reading Dassault Rafale vs Saab Gripen

A fighter for Canada

Introduction Canada is a Western country that at the first look has most at common with Russia. It is huge, but vast majority of its population is concentrated in a narrow swath of land to the south, near the US-Canadian border. It borders United States to the south and west, while to the east is … Continue reading A fighter for Canada

Comparing modern fighter aircraft

Nature of air to air combat “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ---G. Santayana Fighter aircraft exist to destroy other aircraft, and allow other aircraft to carry out their missions without interference from enemy fighter aircraft. That being said, there exists a colloqial - and incorrect - use of term … Continue reading Comparing modern fighter aircraft

Aircraft combat presence comparision

Aircraft combat presence = total sorties per day = aircraft bought for a cost * sortie rate Aircraft bought for 1 billion USD (using flyaway costs): F-22: 4 F-35A: 5 EF-2000 T2 Luftwaffe: 9 EF-2000 T2 RAF: 8 EF-2000 T3 RAF: 8 Rafale C: 12 Rafale M: 11 F-15 A: 23 F-15 K: 10 F-16 … Continue reading Aircraft combat presence comparision

On F-35 export “success”

I have often seen F-35's export successes being used as a proof of aircraft's quality. Is it really so? I decided to check situation. It is known that United States have often used diplomatic pressure – even threats of military invasion – to secure arms contracts. That also seems to be case here. And it … Continue reading On F-35 export “success”

Saab Gripen NG

Two months ago, I have contacted SAAB about Gripen NG and changes it will have when compared to earlier versions of Gripen (A, B, C, D - Gripen NG encompasses versions E and F). I got following answers: 1) Gripen NG will be equipped with imaging IRST (imaging IRST works similar to IR camera and … Continue reading Saab Gripen NG