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A fighter for Canada

Introduction Canada is a Western country that at the first look has most at common with Russia. It is huge, but vast majority of its population is concentrated in a narrow swath of land to the south, near the US-Canadian border. It borders United States to the south and west, while to the east is … Continue reading A fighter for Canada

F-16 vs F-35

Introduction F-35 is intended to replace the F-16 and is promoted as F-16s successor. However, closer look reveals that this is not true. While the F-16 was designed as daytime visual-range dogfighter, F-35 was always intended to be a multirole aircraft with primary focus on air-to-ground missions and limited air-to-air performance. This did not stop … Continue reading F-16 vs F-35

F-35 reality check

CLAIM: F-35 can supercruise Incorrect. F-35 can achieve and maintain speeds just above M 1 though usage of minimum afterburner. "Supercruise" claim can be discounted by comparing the F-35A with F-16A. F-16A has a 40* wing sweep with a laminary wing profile designed for supersonic flight. Its engine has a frontal area of 6.082 cm2 … Continue reading F-35 reality check

Comparing modern fighter aircraft

Nature of air to air combat “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ---G. Santayana Fighter aircraft exist to destroy other aircraft, and allow other aircraft to carry out their missions without interference from enemy fighter aircraft. That being said, there exists a colloqial - and incorrect - use of term … Continue reading Comparing modern fighter aircraft

Why USAF hates A-10 and why it can’t be replaced

A-10 was, along with F-16, one of two tactical aircraft created by Fighter Mafia for USAF. Notably, while USAF managed to screw up F-16 by adding bombing and BVR capabilities, A-10 is still relatively unchanged, with exception of new electronics. It is safe, efficient, durable, reliable and cheap, managing to operate in wider range of … Continue reading Why USAF hates A-10 and why it can’t be replaced

News: F-35 could explode if struck by lighting

http://www.businessinsider.com/the-f-35b-grounded-exploding-lightning-fuel-tank-2013-1 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/defence/9813125/Lightning-will-ground-F35-fighter-jet-known-as-the-Lightning-II.html Some bad news for F-35 programme: in addition to performance shortfalls, cost overruns and huge vulnerability to even small-calibre weapons due to the fuel tank design, F-35 is also in danger of weather. Namely, lightning. It seems that, due to the deficient fuel tank design, F-35s natural namesake is very dangerous for the … Continue reading News: F-35 could explode if struck by lighting

F-35 Analysis

F-35 Analysis

Program history F35 is designed to be LO interceptor / fleet defense / tactical bomber / ground attack / CAS / reconnaissance / air controller and intelligence plane built in CTOL, STOVL, and CATOBAR variants. As Chuck Spinney puts it: "The problem was that each service had very different requirements. The Air Force wanted 1,763 … Continue reading F-35 Analysis