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How to Fix the World of Warships

How to Fix the World of Warships

Introduction and Problems World of Warships is a game of extremes. On a good day, it can be extremely fun and engaging. On a bad day, it can be extremely boring and frustrating. And while it is usually immediately obvious which will be which – generally, presence of carriers and/or submarines signals a boring and … Continue reading How to Fix the World of Warships

Ideal Stealth Fighter

Introduction Stealth fighters are spreading, yet very few to none have what is necessary for a stealth fighter to be truly effective. Some are better than others – F-22 would eat F-35 for lunch and spit out the bones – but all have serious flaws and are, in essence, half-baked experiments in stealth fighter design. … Continue reading Ideal Stealth Fighter

Armoured vehicle utilization

Armoured vehicle utilization

Armoured vehicles mentioned here are outlined in this link: https://defenseissues.net/2017/02/11/proposal-for-army-armoured-vehicles/ Heavy tanks' primary purpose is to punch holes in enemy defences. Secondary role is that of a direct fire support for infantry. They are primarily intended for frontal attacks against defensive positions, urban combat and other situations where protection takes precendence over mobility. During defense, … Continue reading Armoured vehicle utilization

Proposal for Army armoured vehicles

Introduction Modern militaries have various types of vehicles for various jobs. These range from destruction of hard targets (tanks and bunkers) to convoy escort, peacekeeping and counterinsurgency. For this reason, and due to variance in terrains as well, most if not all types need to exist in more than one category. Main battle tanks can … Continue reading Proposal for Army armoured vehicles

Light Stealth Aircraft by vstol jockey

Light Stealth Aircraft is a proposal made by vstol jockey for the Indian Air Force; thread can be accessed here: http://indiandefence.com/threads/light-stealth-aircraft.55805/ Basic characteristis: EJ230 engine 57* sweep wing, mid-wing design -20 dBSM RCS SEAD loadout 2 BVRAAM, 2 WVRAAM, 8 SDB 3 hr 45 min endurance Mach 2,25 top speed price 25-40 million USD supercruise … Continue reading Light Stealth Aircraft by vstol jockey

F-20 upgrade proposal

Introduction While I have originally done an F-5 upgrade due to its simplicity and consequental export potential for third world countries, it was brought to my attention that F-20 does have more potential.   F-20 overview   General characteristics Crew: 1 pilot Length: 47 ft 4 in (14.4 m) Wingspan: 27 ft 11.9 in / … Continue reading F-20 upgrade proposal

F-5A upgrade proposal

F-5A overview Weight: 3.667 kg empty 2.812 kg max weapons load 1.787 kg fuel 5.966 kg combat takeoff (100% fuel, 6 AIM-9) 5.072 kg combat (50% fuel, 6 AIM-9) 9.333 kg max takeoff (AIM-9 = 85,3 kg) Dimensions: 14,38 m length 4,06 m height 7,7 m wingspan 15,79 m2 wing area Engines: 2x J85-GE-13 2.720 … Continue reading F-5A upgrade proposal

Gripen C upgrade proposal

Introduction Similar to the F-16 upgrade proposal, this proposal will take an existing aircraft - Gripen C - and adress its greatest shortcomings with minimal redesign.   Modification   Gripen C data Length: 14,1 m Wing span: 8,4 m Height: 4,5 m Wing area: 30 m2 Turn rates: 30 deg/s instanteneous (possibly more ?) 20 … Continue reading Gripen C upgrade proposal