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A fighter for Canada

Introduction Canada is a Western country that at the first look has most at common with Russia. It is huge, but vast majority of its population is concentrated in a narrow swath of land to the south, near the US-Canadian border. It borders United States to the south and west, while to the east is … Continue reading A fighter for Canada

Gripen C upgrade proposal

Introduction Similar to the F-16 upgrade proposal, this proposal will take an existing aircraft - Gripen C - and adress its greatest shortcomings with minimal redesign.   Modification   Gripen C data Length: 14,1 m Wing span: 8,4 m Height: 4,5 m Wing area: 30 m2 Turn rates: 30 deg/s instanteneous (possibly more ?) 20 … Continue reading Gripen C upgrade proposal

Comparing modern fighter aircraft

Nature of air to air combat “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” ---G. Santayana Fighter aircraft exist to destroy other aircraft, and allow other aircraft to carry out their missions without interference from enemy fighter aircraft. That being said, there exists a colloqial - and incorrect - use of term … Continue reading Comparing modern fighter aircraft

Usefulness of thrust vectoring

With introduction of thrust-vectoring F-22 and Su-35, many claims have appeared, such as that thrust vectoring aircraft are most maneuverable in the world and that addition of thrust vectoring alone guarantees that fighter in question will be unrivalled in maneuverability, excepting of course other thrust vectoring aircraft. These claims hold that addition of thrust vectoring … Continue reading Usefulness of thrust vectoring

Saab Gripen vs F-35

AIRFRAME PERFORMANCE Contrary to some claims, F-35 has rather simple and conventional aerodynamics. Basic configuration is similar to F-16, however lack of LERX, and use of lower-performance but stealth-friendly chimes for high AoA lift enhancement, means that it will have far less body lift than F-16 to help compensate for its high wing loading, and … Continue reading Saab Gripen vs F-35

Saab Gripen analysis

Saab Gripen analysis

Program history SAAB Gripen is a result of relaxed-stability fighter rush initiated by (at the time) revolutionary F-16 fighter aircraft. It is not surprising that SAAB opted for delta-canard layout they themselves pioneered in 1960s, but other options were also evaluated (and rejected). This was influenced by testing programme of Viggen in late seventies, which … Continue reading Saab Gripen analysis

Saab Gripen NG

Two months ago, I have contacted SAAB about Gripen NG and changes it will have when compared to earlier versions of Gripen (A, B, C, D - Gripen NG encompasses versions E and F). I got following answers: 1) Gripen NG will be equipped with imaging IRST (imaging IRST works similar to IR camera and … Continue reading Saab Gripen NG